What activities and places can I see and do in Marbella?


Marbella, the jewel of the Costa del Sol, is known for its golden sandy beaches, its elegant marina, its charming old town and its vibrant cultural scene. This city offers a unique combination of luxury and Andalusian authenticity. Discovering Marbella is immersed in a world of beauty, exceptional cuisine and unforgettable experiences. Then we will explore what to do and see in this charming town. From our company of Villas in Marbella we will show you what to do and see in this charming town.

What can we see and do in Marbella?

The beaches of Marbella are the heart of its tourist attraction. From the famous beaches of Puerto Banus to the quietest in San Pedro Alcántara, every corner of sand offers a unique experience. Here, you can enjoy water activities, sunbathe under the blue sky and explore local chiringuitos to taste the delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Puerto Banus beach: known for its lively atmosphere and the possibility to see luxury yachts in the marina, this beach is perfect for those looking to combine glamour with the pleasure of the sea.
  • Cabopino beach: surrounded by dunes and pine forests, this quieter beach is ideal for families. Its shallow waters and charming marina make it a pleasant place to spend the day.
  • Promenade of Marbella: walk along the Promenade, which stretches along several beaches, offering a perfect setting for walks, jogging or simply enjoying the sea views.

What to see in Marbella? Beyond the beach

Beyond the beaches, the old town of Marbella immerses you in the rich history of the region. Its narrow cobbled streets, charming squares and traditional Andalusian architecture create an atmosphere that transports you through time.

  • Plaza de los Naranjos: in the heart of the old town, this square houses a Renaissance fountain surrounded by charming restaurants and shops. It is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing drink while watching life go by.
  • Iglesia de la Encarnacion: this church, built in the 16th century, is a prominent example of the Renaissance style. Its bell tower offers panoramic views of the old town and beyond.
  • Labyrinth of narrow streets: getting lost in the narrow streets of the old town is a unique experience. Discover local boutiques, art galleries and small restaurants that capture the authentic essence of Marbella.

Advantages of visiting Marbella

Water sports enthusiasts will find Marbella a paradise. From snorkeling and diving to windsurfing and paddle surfing, the options are varied to enjoy the Mediterranean in exciting ways. In addition, Marbella is a paradise for golf enthusiasts, with numerous world-class golf courses. Enjoy a game surrounded by stunning landscapes and sea views. Marbella enjoys an exceptional Mediterranean climate that provides sunny days and pleasant temperatures throughout the year. This makes it an attractive destination in any season, whether to enjoy summer on the beach or explore the old town in winter. The city hosts events and festivals throughout the year, from music and fashion festivals to internationally renowned sporting events.

Marbella is strategically located, which facilitates excursions to other jewels of the Costa del Sol such as Malaga, Ronda and Puerto Banus. The diversity of nearby destinations adds depth to your travel experience. In addition, the warm and welcoming hospitality of the Andalusian region is reflected in Marbella. The locals will welcome you with open arms, providing an authentic and memorable experience.

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