What to do in Estepona on a holiday?

Estepona is a charming coastal town that combines the authenticity of a traditional Andalusian village with a wide range of modern attractions and activities to enjoy. From our company of Villas in Marbella , if you want to know what activities you can do in Estepona or what you can visit, we show you more information below.

What can we do in Estepona?

Immerse yourself in the charm of the old town of Estepona, where you will find picturesque cobbled streets, whitewashed houses with colorful flowers on the balconies and lively squares. Explore its narrow alleys filled with boutique shops, tapas bars and traditional restaurants.

In case you like the beaches more, enjoy the sun and the sea in one of the beautiful beaches of Estepona. Whether you prefer lively beaches with full amenities or quiet, secluded coves, you’ll find a wide variety of options for relaxing and sunbathing. Some of the most popular beaches include Playa del Cristo, Playa de la Rada and Playa del Saladillo. You can also stroll through the Estepona Marina and marvel at the luxurious yachts, elegant shops and beachfront restaurants. Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants offering fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, and then take a quiet stroll along the promenade.

Explore the stunning natural beauty that surrounds Estepona with outdoor activities such as hiking in the Sierra Bermeja, bird watching in the Los Reales Natural Park and cycling along the Guadalhorce Valley Greenway.

Is it expensive to go on holiday to Estepona?

The cost of a holiday in Estepona can vary according to several factors, including the season in which you travel, your travel style, the activities you want to do and your personal budget. During the high summer season, prices tend to be higher in Estepona due to the high demand for accommodation, restaurants and tourist activities. In contrast, during the low season, especially in spring and autumn, it is possible to find offers and lower prices.

What is the best time to visit Estepona?

The best time of year to visit Estepona depends on your personal preferences and the activities you want to do during your stay.

  • Spring (March-May): spring is a wonderful time to visit Estepona, as the climate is mild and pleasant, with warm but not excessive temperatures. The flowers are in full bloom, which makes the landscape especially beautiful. In addition, this time is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and nature exploration.
  • Autumn (September-November): autumn is another excellent time to visit Estepona, as the temperatures are still warm and pleasant, but the influx of tourists decreases significantly after the high summer season. This allows you to enjoy the beaches, sights and outdoor activities more peacefully. In addition, many cultural events and festivals are held in the city in autumn.
  • Summer (June-August): summer is the busiest season in Estepona, with a warm and sunny climate that attracts many tourists in search of sun and beach. If you prefer a lively atmosphere and enjoy the nightlife, the restaurants and bustling bars, then summer can be the ideal time for you. However, it is important to note that temperatures can be quite high during these months, and beaches and tourist attractions may be more crowded.
  • Winter (December-February): winter in Estepona is mild and temperate compared to many other regions of Europe, making it a popular destination for tourists looking to escape the cold.

If you want to visit Estepona or want to buy a house there, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.